I-Direct DSL


...Speeds Up To


Residential Basic DSL

1.5Mb Download 


Residential Basic DSL +Talk Cents

1.5Mb Download 


Residential Premium DSL

3.0Mb Download 


Residential Premium DSL+Talk Cents

3.0Mb Download 


Business Premium DSL

3.0Mb Download 


Business Premium DSL+Talk Cents

3.0Mb Download 


Enhanced DSL

6.0Mb Download


DSL Only 
(No Telephone)

1.5Mb Download 


I-Direct DSL offers you blazing speeds and continuous access to the Internet.  Pick up your phone, make a call, talk and surf the net at the same time. No time wasted connecting,  your connection is always on! DSL service is available only to customers on the Industry Telephone Company Exchanges.
Price does not include installation fee.

DSL Modem Service Options *Effective July 1, 2011*