Additional Services from Industry I-Net


E-Mail Hosting

Supporting your company mail server, or growing email needs takes personnel and time. If it's difficult to provide that support or justify your own email server, let us host your company's email. Our local email hosting services deliver your mail promptly with the additional benefits of available user-definable virus and junk-mail filtering. This reduces your risk of virus infections on your network plus it saves your time spent wading through the spam.

Web Hosting

Website Hosting Starting at $14.95
Have a website you want on the Web? We can host it for you. Industry I-Net has a very large pipe to the Internet plus the security and backup services you deserve.

Other Options Available

Additional Web Storage - $5.00 per month (10 meg)
Additional Email - $3.00 per month
DNS Registration - Call for pricing
Advanced Services for Business and Residential Professionals


For those companies that require specialized hosting or businesses that have special needs for having their own server on the Internet, we have the ability to put you right on our backbone to the Internet. Not only do you have high-speed accessibility and security, you also have daily backups, backup power and our staff available to make sure your data gets where it needs to go and is there when someone needs it.

Static IP's

If your company has its own web server, mail server, or remote access requirements, we can provide the static IP addresses you need to be reached from anywhere in the world.

T1 Access

Need high-speed access to the Internet or other services? A dedicated T1 circuit provides a point-to-point connection for high dependability and security. T1 connectivity is available in various bandwidths to fit your needs.