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Meet The Team

Since April of 1996, Industry I-Net, Inc. has provided a wide variety of Internet services for Austin County and outlying areas. Industry I-Net has always placed its emphasis on the customer and their needs whether residential or business. Every business needs and pursues a customer base, but a happy and satisfied customer base is our main priority.

The office staff includes business services for billing and accounting and technical support. Additional staff members are responsible for network engineering and maintenance, Unix and server operation, plus second-tier customer technical support. The company’s network and server equipment is located within the secured space of Industry Telephone Company.

Industry I-Net, Inc. is a solid and stable Internet Service Provider providing a variety of Internet services. These services include I-Direct DSL, Enhanced Wireless, Long Distance, Web Hosting and Co-location Services. Industry I-Net has built a reputation for providing dependable network service. This is due to the selection and installation of top-quality equipment that minimizes down-time, as well as a professional staff for both business and technical services. 

Angie Acebo
IPTV Admin
David Maxwell
Systems Analyst
Software Development
Network Support
Shadow on the Wall
Joel Munos
Network Administrator
Security Analyst
Tyler Lang
IT Support Technician
AD Admin

Field Specialist
walter copy.jpg
Walter Krchnak
IT Support Technician
Field Specialist
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