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iVision is IPTV video offering, similar to cable TV, but with unlimited potential for a vast amount of services for the future.  This service is delivered to you through Industry I-Net's Internet \ Broadband connection to your home.

Our new Streaming Video Platform is very diverse, offering you options that fit your needs and budget. Plus allows you access to your other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and NetFlix.

Already have Internet Service with Industry I-Net and experience with Streaming Services?  Our service is App driven, so setup of your new TV service can be accomplished with just a phone call to our office and download of our App for service activation.

Want to save money on Installation and Monthly Set-Top Box maintenance fees?  Then purchase your own devices and download the Industry I-Net iVision App from Amazon Store, Google Play Store, or Apple Store.  Our service is compatible with Android TV devices such as the Amazon Firestick Version3 and higher, Tivo Stream 4k and Apple devices such as Iphones Ipads and Apple TV.

Not Experienced with Streaming services and prefer a traditional STB, no problem, we can still accommodate your needs, but monthly maintenance fees will apply for each STB required for your service.

Additional help for setting up your devices can be found on our website by visiting our Users Guide.

DVR Service at 4.95 per month – Record multiple streams simultaneously using our DVR Cloud.

*$99 Installation includes 2 STBs with Wireless capabilties. Additional TVs will require additional charges. Only $25 Installation for customers using their own devices.

Child watching cartoons
Watching TVs

Local Plus

  • 15 Streams, Locals

  • (3) Concurrent Streams, Restart TV,Catchup TV

  • SVOD - Video on Demand


Home Theater Family


  • 80 Streams, Locals and Premium Channels

  • (3) Concurrent Streams, Restart TV,Catchup TV

  • SVOD - Video on Demand

  • Watch TV Everywhere



StarZ Package

  • 16 Premium Movie Channels



Showtime Package

  • 11 Premium Movie Channels




  • 15 Premium Movie Channels


In the crowds

Music Channels

  • 50 Music Channels with a Variety of Venues



With iVision’s Watch TV Everywhere, if you are subscribed to iVision Basic, you can watch certain channels and shows on a tablet, phone, laptop or computer (both apple and android) - anywhere you want to take it.

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