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Enhanced Wireless

Turn Your Home into Your Own Private Hotspot Starting at $9.95 a Month

Enhanced wireless is a service we offer that allows you to expand your DSL connection wirelessly throughout your home and surrounding outside areas. Structural and environmental elements will determine the range of coverage. We basically take the dependable wire line DSL connection to your home and turn it into your own personal Wi-Fi Hotspot. We currently offer DSL modems with wireless capabilities which are sufficient in most cases in smaller homes, but our “Enhanced Wireless” product takes your wireless service to a whole new level by customizing a deployment of one or several of our high powered wireless access points.

Benefits of Enhanced Wireless

  • Wider range of coverage and a stronger wireless signal for optimum reception and bandwidth.

  • Increased range of mobility for wireless devices such as IPADS, SmartTV’s, Iphones, Laptops, Androids or any other devices that require Internet access.

  • By connecting to your own local wireless hot spot when you are at home and not out and about, you decrease the amount of data usage associated with your wireless phone service through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other wireless plans you pay for each month. This provides cost savings on bandwidth usage associated with those services.

So How Do You Get Started?

Call us today and we will schedule a FREE wireless site survey to evaluate the area you wish to cover with your Private Hot Spot, along with an estimated cost of installation. Some areas can be covered with one Access Point, while larger areas may require multiple Access Points.

Purchase your Wireless Access Point starting at $59.95 per unit.

* Monthly Support costs for the first Access Point start at $9.95
* Monthly Support costs for additional Access Points start at $7.95

*Monthly Support Costs include free replacement of faulty Access Points, changes to software configurations, firmware upgrades, 24/7 remote monitoring and technical support for your Private Wi-Fi Hot Spot.
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